Friday, February 29, 2008

Tri, Tri and Tri Again

The day after the Cherry Tree, Tom Byrnes took part in the Park Slope Y's indoor triathlon. At age 61, he beat every male over 45!!! In fact, so good was he that based on that performance he got an invite to Jack Rabbit's indoor triathlon CITY CHAMPIONSHIP event next Sunday, March 9th at Asphalt Green in Upper Manhattan. We'll keep an eye on this emerging AARP tri wunderkind and report back on his performance.

Barbados Nuptuals for the Lansners

Carolyn Kubitzchek and David Lansner headed yesterday for Barbados to attend the wedding of their son Noah to CPTC women's coach Devon Martin. Given a surprise short notice of 2 weeks about the couple's wedding plans, David cancelled all dinner and luncheon engagements to more comfortably sport his tropical suit. Carolyn had no such issues. In an ecumenical gesture, PPTC wishes the CPTC Lansners a long and blessed marriage.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Why wasn't Chi at the Cherry Tree?

Because she went to spend the weekend at Martha's Vineyard w/ boyfriend Liam and his family.
Was it a good choice?
You bet.
Liam proposed!!!
Chi Iregbulem was a nominee for 2006 new member of the year. She's often seen volunteering at PPTC events, or huffing and puffing at the speed workouts. Liam McGrath, her fiance, usually volunteers along w/ her at our events, as a value-added bonus, but stops short of joining the workouts.
Best of luck to the two of you.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Pistol Pete Remembers Pat Heany

From his home in Port Jervis, Pete Tomasi writes , "You know I liked Pat especially for the quiet, modest way he conducted himself. Not shy but...modest.

I will remember him for that and for being a sports fan and I mean an anything sports fan. Did you know I once ran into him at the Westminster Dog show? It's true! I said "I didn't know you were into dogs" and he says "I have been coming for years, I like sports, all kinds of sports".

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cherry Tree 2008 - Pick of the Crop

On a crisp and sunny winter day, over 40 hard core PPTC volunteers pitched in to put on an outstanding Cherry Tree event. Many new faces were noted this year working alongside seasoned veterans from past years.
Our running cadre distinguished itself on its home turf with notable performances so early in the year.
In the relay, PPTC took 2nd in the coed relay, showcasing 2007 Runners of the Year, Emily Sanderson and Tony Watson, and 2007 New Member of the Year, Helen Dole.
Placing in the age groups were Danielle Hansen (2007 Most Improved), Maggie Deschamps, Jacquie Callender, Charlene Kohler-Britton, Tyrone Sklaren (Bob Muller Nominee), Denis Sivack, and founding club member Jack Stetch.
First PPTC finisher was Chris O'Brien (2007 Most Improved Nominee). Maggie Deschamps (who missed first in her age group by less than 1 second)was first PPTC woman accross.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Amy PRs at Valentine's Day 5K

Amy Duquette posted a big PR, finishing 2nd woman overall at last Sunday's Valentine's Day 5K in Prospect Park. Even without the aid of those cute little cupid wings, she flew to the finish in 22:15. Amy was surprised by her time, given that she's been running mostly halfs and other longer distances for a while. Let's hope 2008 will be one big surprise party!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Better Late than Never...

With my apologies to all the 2007 award winners, I offer this as an example of not seeing the forest for the trees. Having been immersed in the awards selection as committee chairman, and after writing a newsletter article covering the festivities on Jan.25th, I completely forgot to make mention of it on our website. Albeit 2 weeks late, here's a quick summary of all our 2007 award winners who made it a such a memorable year.

New member-Helen Dole
Most Improved-Danielle Hansen
Bob Muller Award-Arthur Gonzalez
Outstanding Single Contribution- Krishna Kumbhar, Ralph Yozzo
Comeback Runner- Tom Byrnes
Ultra- Al Prawda
Most Races(M/F)- Paul Soskind/Gilant Phillips
Most Miles (M/F)- Andrew Davenport, Tom Tobin (tied)/Sandra Ferrari
Top Runner (M/F)- Anthony Watson/Emily Sanderson
President’s Award- Veronica Antoine
Anne Perzeszty Elite Volunteer Corps- (5 or more volunteer assignments)
Antoine, Veronica
Bezuidenhout, Rosemary
Boutross, Christine
Bucich, Marilyn
Byrnes, Tom
Clark, Roland
Deliz, Evelyn
Duquette, Amy
Ferrari, Sandra
Figueroa, Luis
Goldstein, Al
Hammerman, Craig
Kohler-Britton, Charlene
Kumbhar, Krishna
Meany, Tom
Meany, Pat
Mooney, Kathy
O'Brien, Doug
Olney, Doug
Perzeszty, Anne
Phillips, Gilant
Rieman, Michael
Rieman, Lila
Ring, Michael
Skillman, Brad
Soskind, Paul
Tomasi, Peter
Tomasi, Susan
Torres, Gil
Watson, Tony
Weaver, Rich
Yozzo, Ralph
Zavala, Julio

Friday, February 8, 2008

Point races

Here are the NYRR Club Point Races for 2008:

February 23 Al Gordon Snowflake 4M M/W
March 9 NY Colon Cancer 15K M/W
April 13 Run as One TGL Classic 4M M/W
April 26 Brooklyn Half Marathon M/W
May 17 Healthy Kidney 10K M/W
June 7 New York Mini 10K W
June 15 WABC...vs Prostate Cancer 5M M
July 19 CPC Run for Central Park M/W
August 16 Club Team Championships M/W Double Points
September 6 Fitness Mag M..,B..,S..Games 4M M/W
October 4 ...Grete’s Great Gallop Half M/W
November 2 NYC Marathon M/W
December ?? Joe Kleinerman 10K M/W

Do you know that at least 4 runners being considered for Runner of the Year in their age groups can be seen training and racing in Prospect Park? Justin Canna, Felipe Vergara, Jose Santiago and Debbie Barchat all made the list. We wish them the best.

Monday, February 4, 2008

NY Giants Rock On!!

PPTC congratulates the Super Bowl XLII Champion NY Giants, and their fans for their thrilling upset of the New England Patriots.
Our hearty thanks also to David Lansner and Carolyn Kubitschek for getting a 42" HD TV for this year's party--in past years, both teams had to drop a player to adapt to the screen format.
Special recognition to club treasurer, Doug Olney, who sat unflinching as the sole Patriot fan amid the screaming Giants following. He warned prior to the game that the club accounts would not be released if he didn't return safely to his home that night.
We cordially invite both teams to join us on Saturday, February 16th, for a head to head relay competition at the Cherry Tree 10 Miler.