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Healthy Kidney 10K List by Team: PPTC

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Healthy Kidney 10K
List by Team: PPTC

Distance: 6.2 Miles, 10.0 Kilometers
Date/Time: May 16, 2009, 9:00 am
Location: Central Park, NYC
Weather: 60 degrees, 96% humidity, foggy.

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AG %
TCHITCHUI ETIENNE M37 406 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 180 161 21 37:46 0:18:52 6:05 36:29 201 73.5 %
DOLE HELEN F26 1163 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 591 63 27 42:29 0:20:53 6:51 42:29 97 71.4 %
DAVENPORT ANDREW M41 3784 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 1464 1223 159 48:35 0:24:09 7:50 45:34 1168 58.9 %
SKLAREN TYRONE M61 4668 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 1638 1346 6 49:16 0:24:41 7:56 39:16 402 68.3 %
GONZALEZ ARTHUR J M62 4290 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 2294 1777 21 51:23 0:25:39 8:17 40:36 543 66.1 %
MCSHERRY MARK M46 2458 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 2415 1854 162 51:48 0:25:21 8:21 46:45 1382 57.4 %
SUN GERALD T M65 5674 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 3094 2220 15 53:43 0:26:30 8:39 41:18 629 64.9 %
BLADES FREIDA F49 8776 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 3583 1095 45 55:06 0:27:30 8:53 48:47 395 62.1 %
STROBEL SONIA F33 3676 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 3842 1240 330 55:52 0:26:46 9:00 55:36 1461 54.5 %
RIEMAN MICHAEL E M65 5586 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 4240 2775 25 57:06 0:27:54 9:12 43:54 959 61.1 %
TREADWAY ROBERT M40 7708 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 4259 2786 382 57:08 0:28:37 9:12 53:59 2774 49.7 %
SANDIFORD JENNIFER F49 5618 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 4405 1566 74 57:33 0:28:29 9:16 50:57 654 59.5 %
DE VRIES TINEKE F41 7144 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 4485 1613 127 57:51 0:29:17 9:19 55:27 1429 54.6 %
HOLDEN TODD M39 2311 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 4637 2935 543 58:21 0:28:31 9:24 55:33 2975 48.3 %
MENDOZA BRIAN M36 7451 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 5395 3210 593 1:00:54 0:30:49 9:49 59:14 3338 45.3 %
UNDERWOOD ROBERT M36 8713 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 5430 3215 596 1:01:05 0:30:41 9:51 59:25 3357 45.1 %
DE LEON YVETTE F40 9470 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 5599 2326 190 1:01:45 0:30:14 9:57 59:36 2226 50.8 %
SOSKIND PAUL M65 10953 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 5600 3274 37 1:01:45 0:29:44 9:57 47:29 1548 56.5 %
LESTER TRACI F43 10191 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 6413 2889 250 1:06:03 0:32:46 10:39 1:02:20 2655 48.6 %
ANTOINE VERONICA F53 9061 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 6437 2909 84 1:06:10 0:32:24 10:40 55:42 1481 54.4 %
NILES IRVA F41 10497 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 6524 2971 262 1:06:45 0:32:13 10:45 1:03:59 2881 47.4 %
BUTLER SHONTAY F29 9243 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 6853 3204 1040 1:10:07 0:34:44 11:18 1:10:07 3336 43.2 %
IREGBULEM CHI F35 9947 PPTC BROOKLYN NY 7184 3436 527 1:15:07 0:36:52 12:06 1:14:20 3505 40.8 %
NALES ROSA E F75 10460 PPTC STATEN ISLAND NY 7260 3492 1 1:17:22 0:38:16 12:28 46:35 203 65.1 %

What You Do Not Know Because You Are Not Me!

What You Do Not Know Because You Are Not Me!

Expand your Comfort Zone.
By Michael Ring

Back in the winter I attended a meeting of the Prospect Park Alliance. One of the speakers was in charge of The Park Greeters; it’s a program where volunteers greet people as they enter The Park and offer directions. As I understand it the program used volunteers stationed at main entrances to welcome visitors, give information about events and programs, deliver stewardship messages and even hand out garbage bags. This year, she said, the program will expand its mission. It will encourage people to expand their comfort zone. So many people visit The Park or a regular basis but visit the same place. The alliance wants them to visit another part of The Park….to expand their comfort zone.

This got me thinking. Do I have a comfort zone in Prospect Park? When I run I make a point to run a loop and each transverse road. Sometimes I dart onto a random path. I have run in The Park at 4:30am and 11pm and every time in-between. I have taken my kids to The Zoo; we have ice-skated, ridden the carousel and spent many hours in the Audubon Center. We have visited every playground numerous times. We have gone on class trips, school walk-a-thons and my son’s first grade class has a “tree” that we studied. With the Prospect Park Track Club we had had picnics, races and training sessions in every month of the year. So, I do not think I have a Comfort Zone. No one Comfort Zone for me, the whole park is my comfort zone

Then I thought about one day I had last summer. I woke up early and ran a loop. Then I woke up the kids and said “Let’s go the The Park”, and got a big Woo Hooo! With my son wearing his rollerblades, my daughter on a scooter we met a neighbor and his Mom on their bikes. As a group we biked / scooted / bladed / ran to the 9th St Playground. We stayed until we got hungry. It was too nice to leave for lunch so we ordered a pizza. Yep, pizza, plates, soda and cups delivered directly to our bench. (There is a use for cell phones). After the kids played some more we biked / scooted / bladed / ran to the Zoo! I think that day I became the poster child for “Expand Your Comfort Zone”.

People, if you have enjoyed what you have just read I want you to do some math for me. How many times a week do you visit/enjoy/use Prospect Park? Multiply that by 52. Now divide that number by $25. That would be you’re per visit cost if you join the Prospect Park Alliance and the Subscriber level. I will amortize it for you. I figure I get into Prospect Park 5 days a week (running, biking or just with the kids). Times 52 weeks is about 260 visits a year. If I donate $25 it is less than a dime a visit.

Pushing the Envelope

Pushing the Envelope
Paul Soskind

It can be , what appears to be,
A figment of your own imagination,
Creating doubt about your preparation.
Conflict clashing, ego crashing,
Ego and emotion inhibiting focus and forward motion.

Dispel your doubts!
Propel yourself forward!
Visualize your goal!
Harness body, mind and soul;
To finish.

Faster, stronger, more confident than you could conceive
Believe –
Map it in your mind’s eye,
Realize on the road –
Break free and fly!



Well the spring racing season is in full bloom. The next PPTC event is the Al Goldstein Summer Speed Series starting Wednesday evening, May 27th and continuing every other Wednesday throughout the summer, ending on August 26th.

This series is one of our Club’s fine traditions: a local grass roots race, run on bare bones, but scored with an abundance of awards (always at Al’s discretion). We usually have from 60 to 100+ runners. The race is hand scored, starts at the Oriental Pavilion as soon as the Park is closed to vehicles (around 7:20) and by 8:20 the Awards ceremony is finished.

Additionally, we have started to use the series as a training or mentoring program for members interested in learning how to become race directors.
Last year Robert Matson and Jessica Kavoulakis mentored under the direction of Anne Perzeszty and me. They divided the number of races to direct between them. The outcome was that Jessica went on to successfully direct this year’s Cherry Tree! In addition she has written a training manual and both she and Robert are taking over the mentoring program series this year, while Anne and I shadow the process.

The good news is that veteran runner, Board member, and blogger extraodinaire, Michael Ring has thrown his hat into the ring (no pun intended) to be mentored. We look forward to his contributions of great experience, passion and commitment. Another addition to the race directing team is Veronica Antoine who brings her calm personality and training as emergency room nurse to the task. Additional good news is that the door is still open for more members to step up to the plate. I know of nowhere else where this kind of learning opportunity is available.

What I love most about being a Club member is having an opportunity to give back to the sport that has given me so much. And, in addition, we all get so much more back when we contribute to the Club’s efforts by volunteering. I’m very proud of the fact that roughly 50% of our members volunteer at some point during the year. This is an incredible number. Those of you who have volunteered know how great it feels. Now go out there and, in Club tradition, “put your arm around” another member, tell them how special it is and introduce them to Richard Weaver, our Volunteer Chairperson and ambassador of good will to the running world.

Not to be forgotten is our Club Picnic on Saturday June 27th! We have our traditional relay race, which technically is our only “track” event. We want this to be a family oriented event with fun and games for “youths,” so Richard Weaver is rounding up the families with their “youngins.” We also have live entertainment here. Last year Al Goldstein commented on Amy Duquette’s tap dancing exhibition, as the first time in Club history we have had “professional entertainment.” So, watch out Susan Boyle (of Britain Has Talent and YouTube fame), PPTC has talent – galore. The pressure is on. In case of rain we are covered under the Oriental Pavilion.
See you there!

The future of the newsletter.

First the good news – If you want to keep receiving a printed edition of “Around the Park” you can. Forever. All you need to do is call the club phone (718-595-2049) and say “I want to keep getting the Newsletter. Or you can send a note to PPTC PO Box 150658, Brooklyn NY 11215. Or you can come to a general meeting and tell me, Michael Ring, that you want to keep getting the newsletter in the mail. Just do this before January 2, 2010.

Only more good news - If you do not want to get any more Just send an email to and I will reply with instructions on how you can subscribe to the PPTC Blog, www. The Blog will contain the each article in the newsletter (and more) in an interactive format. You can also view and download the entire newsletter from our website,

A review: If you want to continue to get the newsletter in the mail let me know anytime before the end of the year and you will. If you want to stop getting it in the mail now, email me and it will stop. This means that if I do not hear from you by the end of 2009, you will no longer get a paper newsletter mailed to you

Making Many Steps – A Transition

Making Many Steps – A Transition
Paul Soskind

May 2009 marks seven full years since I gave up competitive running and became a walker. I’m sure all of us have gone through periods of setback due to illness, family or career issues and, perhaps, running-related injury. Some of us are fortunate enough to resume our training; others, in denial of what may eventually become an injury that is permanently debilitating, refuse to alter their lives until it is too late to “come back.”

I always enjoyed running with its challenges, goals, pr’s, new distances, competition and camaraderie. My perspective now is different. I see the efforts of the runners at the back of the pack; I wait many moments to get to the start and then weave through myriads of competitors.

When I began seven years ago, walking really fast was hard and painful. It is still hard and the faster I go, the more it hurts. The days following a race, however, are very different. There are no more sore ankles and knees, no lower back tightness, no pulls or muscle strains, only the soreness from an effort well spent.

When I ran 50-80 miles a week, I could never get my weight below 150 lbs. or less than a 30 inch waist. Now, walking 28 to 4 miles a week, I am about 135 lbs., can fit into clothes I wore in high school and feel stronger and fitter. I am still improving and have no lingering aches and pains.

While I miss running, I have found a better alternative. Watching runners, I hope they will all be able to continue forever, but heed their own inner wisdom to taper down, change and adapt to makes this possible.

Happiness Is. . .

Happiness Is. . .

Christine Boutross

A number of years ago, I came home from work exhausted, weary, with a big dark cloud over my head. I needed a change and I started talking about what I wanted to do with my life, what would bring me joy. The conversation that followed led me to hop on a train to Manhattan for an orientation at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. My life changed that night and I've never looked back. Today I want to share with you some words from Joshua Rosenthal, Founder of the The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Yes, Happiness is contagious Joshua Rosenthal, MScEd

Lately, I've noticed a lot more research coming out about happiness. It's refreshing with so many headlines focused on what's not working in our world.
Just like whole foods feed our bodies, happiness feeds our soul. It gives us the energy to go out every day and live life the way it was meant to be lived-whatever that may be for each individual. Happiness gives us the motivation to take care of our bodies through exercise and proper nutrition so we can continue to be happy for longer.
The over-arching question is: What makes us happy? What makes us happy in our day-to-day lives may be different for each one of us, but studies show that "social relationships are the best predictor of human happiness," says Daniel Gilbert, author of Stumbling on Happiness.
According to this growing body of research these social relationships go beyond the people in your immediate circle. They might include people who are connected to your spouse, children, friends or coworkers as well. Results show that if friends of your friends are happy, you are more likely to be happy. Or in other words, happiness is contagious.
In the beginning of my career, I thought health and happiness was all about eating the perfect diet. I had this one client who ate all of her veggies, but was still unhappy. It wasn't until we started talking about her unhealthy relationships that I realized there was so much more to health.
I realized that a key ingredient in personal fulfillment is community. Having high-quality friendships adds depth and meaning to life. Friends who truly listen and care and are open to new ideas can be difficult to come by, but you can take steps to create a positive, supportive community in order to achieve ultimate happiness.
I encourage you to take a look within your own community of friends and reach out to people who add happiness to your life. It's a new year and a new you. Can you spread happiness?

Joshua is offering a free 14 days to a healthier you program that I really recommend you check out. Just go to this website: to learn more or to sign up for his program. If you think the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is for you, please reach out to me. With a referral from a graduate you may qualify for some special registration discounts and perks! I would also be happy to share my experience with you if you want to learn a little more about the program before moving forward. I know it's a crazy world out there with a lot of uncertainties, but I assure you, the IIN community will help you make sure your needs are met and you'll have more support through them than you would ever imagine possible.

Christine Boutross is Personal Trainer and a Holistic Health Counselor. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Please visit Christine’s