Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is That Jessica Kavoulakis in the Parade Car?

Yes, it is. And she's waving from Canton, Ohio during the parade for Art Monk's induction into the NFL Hall of Fame.
After serving as race director for the 7/30 Speed Race #6, she packed up and swooshed off to Ohio. Wow, first it was Frank DeLeo, and now Art Monk--that girl's connected.
We hosted the MAC Grand Prix last night, and "the bridges" spanned the awards podium.
Chris O'Brien was back in form as first PPTC overall in 19:33. Emily Sanderson was second woman overall, first female PPTC and first in her age group. Corre Kombol, Al Prawda and Frank DeLeo also took first in their groups.
Anjolie Nagarwalla, visiting with her dad, Neville, will take home a first place souvenir in the 10-14 category. Little sister cheered at the finish from her bike.

If you have a beef about your time, it will have to wait till Jessica gets back next Tuesday. Look, look, she waved again.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Club icon Frank DeLeo will be inducted into the Broadway Ultra Society Hall of Fame this Saturday August 2nd prior to the Joe Kleinerman 12 hour ultra.

Frank's remarkable running history and longevity is probably known by few club members. Below is a sampling of his accomplishments in the world of Ultras (anything above the marathon distance). Mind you, these ultras have been laced with a myriad of marathons, and other races throughout the past 3 decades.

Three time winner of the New York Road Runners Ultra Runner of the Year

4-time champ of the NY Pioneer (3-day) 100-Mile Trek Best time – 12:25

Other notable wins:

Ted Corbitt 24- Hour – 1993 – 134.6 miles

Joe Kleinerman 12-Hour – 1990

Metropolitan 50-Mile – 1990

Knickerbocker 60K – 1991

Best 100-Mile time 14:48 – 5th place in National Championship

Make sure you congratulate Frank when you see him. You can also post your congrats by clicking "comments" below.

There will be a brief ceremony at the 12-hour run at Crocheron Park on Saturday, Aug 2 at about 7:15 AM.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Good numbers at Al G's Speed Series #5

With a bearable 80+ temperature and low humidity, we had our largest turnout of the year Wednesday night. The race, held simultaneously with Pat Meany's birthday celebration, drew 64 runners, among them a group from Team for Kids invited by Emily Sanderson. Speaking of Emily, who was sidelined after the Brooklyn Half, she's working her way back in grand style taking first woman overall in 20:23. Maggie Deschamps took first in her age group, not far behind. Frank DeLeo took first in the 55-59 age group w/ his best time this year, 21:49. Al Prawda, having finished enough Ultras for the year, took the 60-64 age group, thinking the 5K distance was just a warm up. The video highlight of the evening was Gilant Phillips, in an explosive 50 yard uphill sprint, outdistancing her nearest challenger. Proud coach, Tony Watson, and speed group members cheered wildly on the sidelines.
Next race, July 30th will host competitors in the Metropolitan Athletic Congress Grand Prix. Be there if you can and represent PPTC.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Lysistrata a la PPTC?--Pepper Martin 5Miler

While all the men seemed to be missing, our women took up the flag and carried it accross the finish line, celebrating the 4th with a first place finish for the women's masters team. The familiar triumvirate of Maggie Deschamps, Emily Sanderson and Danielle Hansen combined once again to get the gold, all of them placing individually in their age groups as well.
Hats off to Jimena Barrera, who placed 2nd in her age group w/ a 34:20!! The most impressive part, is that this gal is just learning to race. After showing her speed by setting a course record at the club picnic, this performance over 5 miles wowed everybody.
Corre Kombol, getting over a bug, still managed a 3rd place in her age group.
Frank DeLeo took fifth in 55-59, and along w/ Krishna Kumbhar was one of only 2 male PPTC runners at this race.
Irva Niles, Kathleen O'Rourke, Cristin Flanagan,Charlene Kohler-Briton and Gilant(Jill)Phillips earned their ride back in Tony's van by running well, and completing our PPTC group.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Maggie's all over the place

It seems every race you look up, Maggie Deschamps is there, hoarding sub 21 5Ks like a squirrel gathering nuts for the winter. In fact, at Good Shepherd it was just 16 seconds short of sub 20. James McFarlane was the only PPTC runner close enough to see the bridge on her back. Last night at the 4th Al Goldstein 5K, she was again first PPTC accross, and again under 21.
Let's take notice of Danielle Hansen as well, who's been storming the finish line in her age group. She liked that "most improved" trophy she got last year. Rumors are that she brings her children to the races as an incentive to run faster. "You stay right here, and don't move. Mommy will be right back..."
Frank DeLeo and Gil Torres continue their quest for bragging rights in the same 5 year age group this year, with Frank legging a 9 second edge last night. Both have been frustrated by failed efforts to negotiate discounted entry fees using their AARP memberships.