Monday, January 2, 2012

2012: THE BEST YEAR EVER!, by Ruth Gursky

For me, 2011 was a year of many firsts: starting with my first Harry's Handicap and winning a medal for finishing 42nd out of 47 runners (an act which convinced me to join PPTC because of its positive attitude toward back-of-the-packers)...making the Celebrate Israel Run (my dream) a reality...getting 3 race photos of me posted on the NYRR website...and culminating in this year's Emerald Nuts Midnight Run, in which a group of friends and I WON the "Best Costume" award as the "Sisters of St. Emerald's" minutes prior to the start of the annual 4-mle annual fun run. (I'm Sister Granola, the Jewish nun!)
How can I possibly top that?  Well, with less than 5 hours of sleep and running on achy, tired legs, I ran my second Harry's Handicap, and guess what? I came in FIFTH PLACE in a field of over 40 runners!
This has renewed my faith in PPTC's attitude toward its speed-challenged members...and I now totally believe that in 2012, ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE!
Best wishes to all of my new PPTC friends for a Happy, Healthy & PR-filled 2012!
Ruth Gursky