Monday, June 30, 2008

A Good Time Was Had by All - Picnic 2008

Saturday, June 28th, 2008 - 90 degree weather didn't keep some 60+ PPTC members and their families from turning out for the annual picnic.
The traditional relay featured Troy Phipps flirting w/ sub 6 miles as the fastest overall male in 10:34. There was also a passing of the torch as PPTC icon Regina Cahill acknowledged via email that her 1997 course record had been broken by newcomer Jimena Barrera by 1 second in 11:05.
Along with a Cornucopia of food and desserts, the picnic boasted live entertainment with tap dancing from Amy Duquette, mime by Gil Torres, salsa and merengue lessons from Jimena Barrera, and juggling from Zoe Prawda.
Thank you to Richard Weaver, and his team of volunteers for a terrific day in the park, and to Doug Olney and Al Goldstein for their handling of the relay.
Extended coverage will follow in this month's newsletter.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Carbo loading redefined

Thursday night, Amy Duquette spearheaded a PPTC carbo loading foray at the Dram Shop in the Slope. The age group spectrum was well represented and there were no DNFs.
Highlights and news of the evening:
--Krishna and Cristin got married in an intimate ceremony in Massachussetts 2 months ago.
--6-week-old Oliver Strobel used a fake ID, and showed up w/ mom Sonia to say hi to the buds.
--Gilant Phillips was shocked to learn that Gil Torres doesn't dye his hair.
--Cristin beat Amy in an arm-wrestle, sending a subliminal message to Krishna. Amy then beat Cristin left handed (with Krishna taking note of the weak side).
--Geoff elicited male admiration for being on a night out while wife Bunny stayed home w/ 4-year-old Michael.
--Gil and Irene's son, Keith, made a rare appearance to hoist a few w/ the club.
--Carolyn joined us solo, while David ostensibly stayed home waiting for a phone call from her sister (this is the layman's version of having to tie your shoelace).
--Sandy joined us after her "roller" class, and fortunately didn't have to be "rolled" home at the end of the night.
--A couple of beers and good company make for a good time out.

Row vs. Wade - make your choice

Three races and 3 downpours into the Al Goldstein Speed Series, the diehards keep turning out Weds. nights and enjoying the soaking. Well deserved thanks to our race staff for their unflinching efforts in spite of the weather.
June 18th, with most of our elite women missing, Carolyn Kubitschek took her age group, and Gilant Phillips was 7th as the only other PPTC woman.
Among the men, Gil Torres and Tyrone Sklaren took their age groups. Geoff Vincent and David Lansner placed 2nd, Michael Ring and Troy Phipps showed 4th, with Troy setting another PR with a 19:29.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Helen Dole PRs in the rain

Raindrops kept falling on her head, but they only made Helen run faster for cover. She set an all time PR for her 5K with a 19:38 last night at the speed series, netting her first woman overall. She was concerned that she hadn't run for 3 days prior to the race. Maybe there's something to those rumors about rest being good for you. What do you think, Tony? It looks like this year's top runner award is shaping up to be a heated contest on both the men's and women's side.

Monday, June 2, 2008


What a great showing by PPTC at the Dolan Race! We took home first place in both the men and women's Masters Team competition, third in the women's Open Team competition, and a bunch of individual awards, all of which I can't recall without looking at the results.
But the big news today was TROY PHIPPS bettering his former 5K PR by over a minute and a half, running a 19:33. No wooden horse here if you've been watching Troy at the speed workouts. He's been getting stronger by the week, and realizing that he's a lot faster than he knew. I predict there's a lot more to come before the year is over.
Troy's job with OXO takes him regularly to China, and he was looking for local races when he's in the region. I think there's something coming up in Beijing soon, although entries might be closed at this point...
Outstanding performance, PPTC.