Saturday, October 25, 2008


It is almost time for the cannon in the harbor to announce the start of the NYC marathon. Actually, there will be a number of starts and each one will have its own cannon burst.

PPTC has much of which to be proud. Danielle Hansen is representing the entire borough of Brooklyn in the 5-boro race-within-a-race. Keep your eye out for her and cheer, cheer, cheer!!! We have three runners whose times have qualified them for the local elite start: Helen Dole, Frank DeLeo and Maggie Deschamps. Another celebrity is one of PPTC icons, Jack Stetch, who has run more than 30 NYC marathons and will be running again on November 2nd.

There are 42 runners registered as PPTC runners in the marathon. Some will be cancelling due to injuries before the big day. However, PPTC will be well represented on the course, both running and cheering. Here's to all our marathoners, the pride of PPTC.


Gil said...

"Our marathoners, the pride of PPTC"? Sorry, Troy, Tony, Emily, Maggie (now that you withdrew), Corre, Gary, Doug, Tom, Gil, Charlene, Mickey,and all others who represent PPTC in 15 to 20 races a year all over the boroughs, but didn't run the marathon.
Curious way of nurturing our "pride" without a program to develop it.

Michael said...
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Anonymous said...

i can say i feel proud of anyone who runs for pptc, whatever the distance, whatever the day, out there on the roads, giving it their best shot.

go pptc!

Anonymous said...

hey, let it be known that it was me who wrote the previous comment about being proud of pptc runners whatever the distance whatever the day. having issues with posting except when i clicked on anonymous said tom byrnes

old guys rule!

tbyrnes46 said...

let it be known that it was tom byrnes who posted the comment about being proud of anyone who competes for pptc, whatever the distance, whenever the day

i clicked on anonymous to see if i could get my comment posted since i was having issues here getting that done.