Tuesday, March 1, 2011

315 Pounds of Generosity

315 Pounds of Generosity

Thanks to the generosity of Cherry Tree racers, we filled three 55 gallon barrels with gently used running gear!!  For the cost of a pair of running sneakers per barrel, we will ship all of this gear to runners in Belize.   

Gwelda and Harry Fairweather express their sincere thanks and appreciation to the entire club.  On behalf of the Belize Amateur Athletic Association (BAAA), Gwelda and Harry acknowledge the generosity of Michael Ring, Tom Byrnes, Anne Perzeszty, Sandra & Natacha Ferrari (we were able to fill a whole barrel with the amount of sneakers and tee shirts they gave), Richard & Kathleen Weaver, Veronica Antoine, Maggie Deschamps, Frank Deleo, Doug Olney, Julio Zavala, Ken Locke and the entire Prospect Park Club.  As this list was compiled from memory (names weren’t recorded at gear drop-off), please accept sincere apologies and equal thanks if your name was not mentioned *here.  

Ian Gray, President of the BAAA also shares his thanks:  "On behalf of the BAAA and all
here in Belize we express our heartfelt gratitude for your generous contributions. 
The Govenment here will help us by allowing the barells to enter the country of Belize for free.  Once the barrels are here I shall take some photos with the runners and your donations. Once again many thanks from Belize."

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