Saturday, April 16, 2011

Paul Soskind interviews Wan Park

P.S. When did you start running? 

Wan I began in High School competing in events from the 220 to the 880. 

P.S.How did you do in those events? 

Wan My p.r.s were 52.5 in the 440 and 1:58 in the 880..After I graduated, I ran track for Cornell. 

P.S. What happened after college? 

Wan I lived in Florida,ran down there and did the Walt Disney Marathon there in 1999.

P.S. So that was your first; what was the experience like? 

Wan I found it to be boring; it was an out and back course, on that day it was also colder than expected, but I did finish under 3 hrs. 

P.S. So when you came to N.Y ; what prompted  you to join PPTC? 

Wan I thought it would be enjoyable to run and train with others. 

P.S. Tell us about your most intense running experience. 

Wan It was at the Boston Marathon where I was on target for a 2:42 , but because of dehydration I started to fall off pace,I gutted it out and did a 2:47, it was a learning experience! 

P.S. That's fantastic! tell us what your goals are long term. 

Wan I would like to look back about 30 years from now on a successful running career with at least 35 well run marathons under my belt,still feel motivated and capable of training well each day.

P.S. We really appreciate the experiences you've shared with us, and look forward to many more triumphs from such a talented individual.

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