Saturday, September 24, 2011

Run Brooklyn

Run Brooklyn

To encourage team racing, and support of Brooklyn races organized by local groups and organizations, we are continuing PPTC’s "Run Brooklyn" awards for 2011.

PPTC members racing 6 scored Brooklyn races will be entered in a raffle for a $100 cash prize at the end of the year.

Rules for qualification:

To be eligible, runners must become PPTC members before July 1, and must race only for
PPTC in any races they enter.
PPTC’s database will be the official source for tracking races. Each runner will be
responsible for entering their own races.
Any Brooklyn based races that are officially scored will qualify.
Only 1 NYRR race in Brooklyn will be counted even if you ran several
The 6 races MUST include at least ONE race organized by PPTC.
Only 1 speed series race (ie. Al Goldstein Summer Speed
Series, Fort Hamilton Speed Series, etc.) will be counted, no matter how many you ran.

Sample Brooklyn races (not an exhaustive list): Brooklyn Marathon, Music That Heals 5K, Liz Padilla 5K, Irish Fair 5K, Dan's Run 5K, Hoban 5 Miler, Coney Island 4 Miler, PPTC Turkey Trot, Coney Island Turkey Trot, NYRR Jingle Bell

There will be 5 winners selected at random at the awards gathering held in early 2012.

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