Friday, November 25, 2011

The 2011 Turkey Trot. Bogisphere (Update VIII)

Results can be found here.  Please send corrections to

Our own N. Wayne BAILEY took hundreds of photos,  (even a few of me and I did not even know he was there) click here to check them out

and our own Patricia added these 201 photos to this Snapfish album

We made it to NEWS 12,  (You would think the Prospect Park Track Club did not have any volunteers)

EMMAYNC  found a way to celebrate Thanksgiving in the US.

We got a whole section in Runner's World's blog

Pixonomy made a Flickr slideshow

Roadrunning Guide described our race with no feeling at all.

and Cuttblaster gave the most detailed description of 5 miles I ever read.

and for a great 30 second video click here

and this?

Below is an entire news story from
Twelve-year-old Lauren Pitarresi, represenhting the New York Flyers, completed the Prospect Park Track Club Five-Mile Turkey Trot in 40:02. 
Beth said "Overall a fun race and one I think I’ll be looking forward to every year for the foreseeable future."   Beth, I hope to be there for you!

Our second place women reports that the pie was delicious!  Congratulations Mary!

Tom Meany and I gave good quote in this Currier Life story... "The soul-satisfying slog "


Dave B said...

Yes, my blog post about the turkey trot didn't have any "feeling" about the event, but since I wasn't there it wouldn't have made sense for me to try to describe it. The main point of the post was to direct runners to the website with race results.

I *was*, however, at the Brooklyn Marathon, and wrote a post that (I hope) conveyed my appreciation for the event.

Spending Thanksgiving with out of town family prevents me from running the Prospect Park turkey trot, though I did run it a few times when NYRR sponsored it (back in the last century).

Chicken Underwear said...

Dave B, I did not mean to offend.

Dave B said...

No offense taken (though I realize my comment could have appeared otherwise; it's often hard to convey things in text without resorting to smileys, which I try to avoid). Congrats on another successful PP turkey trot; a few friends of mine do it every year & love it.

P.S. I applaud the courage of chickens who choose to wear undergarments. (If your name refers to humans wearing underwear made *from* chickens, however, that's another matter. Especially if said chickens are still alive.)

Eli said...


"Most detailed description of 5 miles..."

I'm honored. I know there was no feeling attached to the statement, but I can't help feeling like I was given a trophy of some sort!

Will definitely be back next year!

Cheers :)


Arun said...

My girlfriend and I had a great time at the trot -- our only complaint is that we couldn't find any water after the finish line.

Chicken Underwear said...

Sorry Arun.

The Park Administrators were a little crazy about keeping the roadway clear after the finish. We had it a little further up the road than we wanted.

We will tweak the course for next year.