Sunday, February 19, 2012

2012 Cherry Tree Blogomania. (Updated a few times)

Run, Robbin Bird wanted a bagel handed to her at the finish line like the other organization that puts on races in NYC,  But our bagels were fresh and came with cream cheese, hot chocolate and a massage.

The Athena Racing teams had a lot of fun and enjoyed some "post race meat pies".

The Adobo Social and Anit-Social Athletic Club gets their  registration fees subsidized.  I gottaa see if I can make that work for PPTC.

The Dashing Whippits posted some fantastic photos.  The one at right shows the pota potties I ordered.

Kilax found someone to take her photo.

Listen to people talk about the Cherry Tree here.  If the link does nor work, go to episode 65 of the Running Show.

The Robots at StinyFeet posted a map that did not make sense and the wrong link.  Good thing their site did not go live till after the race.

Emlt81 Did not appreciate all the effort the volunteers made at packet picket pickup.  I would like to assume it way my kid that crashed into her legs.  "Are you OK?.  But next year we will have bigger cups.

I don't think FNR saw any of the information we had on our race website, but next year will well do a better job sending out pre race emails.  We actually thought we we sending out too many.

Our friends at City Coach know that we are not NYRR.  Thank You.

Blackfoot Running  followed my course instructions and turned toward the finish line.

Believe in the Run PRed but hatted the hat too.  (Sorry)

New York Fly Girl would not demonstrate her "slap bracelet passing technical for the other runners.  And she did not hate the hat.

Running for the Cupboard added an extra 2 to make it 12.  She did not mention that she also volunteered at packet pickup.

Samantha will not tell us what she is training for but she thinks it is inspiring to run with them, and see all the blazing women on PPTC, and North/South Brooklyn Runners."  Samantha, you can join a team.  I know PPTC would welcome you.

The Long Rush " caught sight of [his] wife and daughter" and then ran to a PR.  That is a powerful combination.

Milewon came from far away and had trouble reading our map.  She thought she ran up Mt Prospect Hill.  Notsomuch, we call that Zoo Hill, Mt Prospect is across Flatbush Ave.

Ironman Neil G rode is bike 40 miles the day before the race.  No wonder his legs are sore.

North Queens Runner had tough race, but found a good parking spot.

Donna Rosales was the first to be featured in The Renegade Runners "People Posts".  Her " most recent race was as a member of a 3 person relay team consisting of herself, Sal D'Amico and Reggie Lambert at the Prospect Park Cherry Tree 10 Mile race, where they completed the ten miles in 1:18:07, recording a 7:49/mile pace. .

rundangerously (who never uses caps) choose to run another race but, " the only downside to this race is having to miss the cherry tree 10 miler, one of my favorite races, which is run on the same day :("

Lindsay Runs knows that 18.25 is better than 10.  She maintained a 6:38ish pace and then ran back to The Rock over the Manhattan Bridge.

Welcome back Hills Are My Friends.  We are glad you still have it.

Stephanie, the Epicurious Runner, really did not like the hat.  But she got a PR!

She took a photo of some of our volunteers wearing them.  We made fun of them for weeks.

In Brendan Moroney's bio Brooklyn is referred to as the other borough.  After that I stopped reading.


Robbin said...

I am kicking myself a little for not taking advantage of the free massage, but now that I know there is cream cheese to be gobbled I will definitely wander over to the high school after the next race. Thanks PPTC for another great Brooklyn run!

Anonymous said...

I forgot my running watch and was disappointed that there were absolutely no splits. First race I've ever done that didn't have any splits.

Chicken Underwear said...

Hi Anonymous.

We really don't like our volunteers to "guard a clock" for 2 hours. It happened to be warm this year, but it is usually to much to ask.

AW said...

I feel much better that there was actually food at the high school afterwards, at least it was somewhere. If I do it again next year, now I'll know. Thanks!

AW said...

Oh, and you're right I did not read the website. This is my 13th race since May, and I didn't know I had to. The only pre-race communication I received was about bibs (maybe that had to do with when I registered?). The website did have info about awards, but as I am far too slow to ever get an award, I didn't equate awards with the "this is where the food will be". If I didn't know, now I definitely know! Thank you for responding.

Bernd said...

Interesting comments...I have done the Cherry Tree now for the 5th or 6th time, about half of them as a relay (which I love, don't get rid of them). I'm looking forward to this race every year. It seems to get very big, I still remember when there were a lot fewer people making the treck out to Brooklyn.
Normally, this race is happening in bitter cold weather (it always happens that way for some reason), so that is the reason why packet pickup is in a high school and the after race food is also served there. I guess frozen bagels after the race would lead to complaints too.
There were also three dates for early packet pickup (one even in Manhattan) so if you decide to register at the last moment and show up 45 minutes before the start, you should expect some bumps in the road. NYRR wouldn't even give you a number.

I really liked that personalized email with my reace result less than two hours after the race. Take note NYRR!

I love the smaller races put up by 100% volunteer organizers. Nobody is making a living of the Cherry Tree.
So, thanks PPTC for anothr job well done. See you soon!

P.S.: That hat though....not a fan!

Chicken Underwear said...

I am getting a lot kick back on the hat. It turned out to be a love it hate it thing.

Any ideas for next year?

Samantha said...

Thanks for the blurb! I actually do have a running "team" Team Sasquatch! I definitely will have to go for the massage next time too!

nyflygirl said...

thanks for including me in your writeup! you forgot to include the link though :)

as for souvenirs-bring back the brooks tech shirts! loved those!